Post-Circumcision Care for Your Baby


After-circumcision care includes antibiotics that can be used to prevent infection. Gauze will also be prescribed by your doctor to protect your wound. After the procedure, your baby should be kept out of water for 24hrs. A sponge bath is safest. Your pediatrician will be able to help you if your baby starts crying after the procedure. The pain from the circumcision is usually minimal.

If you see a green-colored or yellowish film on your penis, don’t be alarmed. Your child may feel a little sore the first day following circumcision. In a few days, the bruising should fade and the wound heals. You can then take your child to the clinic to have a checkup to ensure that everything went smoothly. Your pediatrician will arrange for this visit at Clinique Medie Crescent 2021. Allow up to two weeks for healing. After a circumcision your child will feel unwell for several hour and should wear loose clothing while they recover.

You can wash it every day, but the area will be sore for up to a week. Apply a generous amount petroleum jelly to the affected area. After the procedure, your child will need a week to recover completely. Although there may be some redness around the cut, your child can still eat normally. Your baby will have a small scab at the area of the cut. Your child should continue to wear loose clothing after a circumcision. The area around the glans will become swollen for up to a week. For a few days, your child may feel sore. To relieve discomfort, you can give your baby CALPOL (Paracetamol), and Neurofen Paediatric. It is important to know that the bruising around the wound sites will disappear after a few weeks. Your baby will need sleep for two weeks following their circumcision.

For the first few days, it’s important to ensure that your baby is comfortable and wears something loose. It is important to be aware that your child may feel discomfort after a circumcision. Although it may feel uncomfortable for the first few days, your child should be able to fall asleep within an hour. Most babies can sleep comfortably in a side-supporting place.

Your baby will need to wear loose clothing for the first 2 weeks after having his or her circumcision. Your baby will be unwell for the first few weeks, but should be able and able to eat normally within the next few days. There will be soreness at the place of the circumcision. Petroleum jelly should be used liberally on the circumcision site by your baby. These are all necessary steps after a child has been circumcised.

Your child will need to be in the hospital for the first two weeks. Anesthesia is required to perform a circumcision. Local anesthesia may cause bleeding, bruising and irritation. You should avoid rubbing the area in a diaper for three to five days. If your child still feels pain after the procedure, apply the petroleum jelly. This will reduce the risk of bruising. However, this does NOT mean that your child will not feel pain for the rest of their lives. You should make an appointment with your pediatrician if your baby is experiencing pain.

Your baby will be feverish for up to a week after undergoing a circumcision. This is normal and can often be attributed to swelling. The area will remain sore for at least a week after the surgery. The baby will need to be dressed loosely for the next week. To help your baby recover from the circumcision, it will be necessary to bathe them a few times per day. It is time to bring your baby home once he or she has fully recovered. After a circumcision, your child can wear loose-fitting clothing for the next few days. He or she may feel uncomfortable for several hour and may experience some swelling. Your child should eat normally and stay in the same position for a few days. It is important not to put pressure on the wound. It is important to keep the area clean and dry afterward to prevent infection.